Generation 3.0 Crypto

H.E.A.T. Ledger stands for Heuristically Enhanced Asynchronous Transactions Ledger, embodying a completely new way of structuring cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer decentralized asset ledger. Optimized for speed and architected with custom private chains in mind, HEAT readily provides excellent solution for crowdfunding and IPO arrangements of any size.

Unlimited scalability

HEAT's unbounded vertical scalability is only limited by the performance of the hardware used. Utilizing not a single blockchain but a chain of them, and removing embedded databases through the use of off-heap memory mapped binary files, the HEAT blockchain is able to sustain transaction throughput of at least 1000 tps 24/7.

Multisig Currencies

The unique HEAT crypto client will provide access to major cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH. Distributed Apps, Instant Messaging and Multi-Sig capabilities of the client ensure security and latest features for all: 3rd party cryptocurrencies and fiat tokens in the native HEAT custom Asset-2-Asset exchange.

heat feat

You must have heard of the issue of scalability which most popular blockchains face. The problem of handling ever-increasing number of transactions on the blockchain puts constantly increasing pressure on each node in the network. The HEAT technology removes this pitfall by intelligently combining the best features of the existing 2.0 cryptos with a completely remade, sliced blockchain mechanism. Using custom built storage and access solution, based on Memory Mapped Files, binary data stored on disk can be accessed at near RAM memory speeds - without the need to load this data in RAM. Splitting blockchain into separate files for various data types, the HEAT Java server can fulfill the requirements of any modern commercial fintech applications on blockchain.

HEAT is a cryptocurrency that works in peer-to-peer client-server configuration. By running the HEAT Java server node on your workstation or server you enhance the security of your own cryptocurrency operations, and participate in keeping up the HEAT decentralized network. By enabling forging in your HEAT wallet running on top of your own HEATnode, you are eligible for (Proof-of-Stake) rewards and blockchain file storage (Proof-of-Presence) rewards granted in average every 25 seconds to a random participant of the network.* (See detailed info on

Table of HEAT block rewards


25 seconds

Blocks per day 3456
Blocks per stage 1 250 000

1 4 4 10 000 000
2 3 3 7 500 000
3 2 2 5 000 000
4 1 1 2 500 000

Total rewards 4 years 12 500 000 12 500 000 25 000 000
Year 5->∞ tx fees 1 1 250 000
TOTAL HEAT IN 4 YEARS 50 000 000

Download the HEAT Ledger technical white paper here: HEATWhitepaper.pdf

Web wallet

a2a exchange


encrypted / off-chain

modular blockchain

real-time replication layer



brain wallet.dat

The HEAT Crypto Client can be downloaded from

The HEAT Crypto web thin client can be accessed at

Local representation

Svante Lehtinen

Project leader, seasoned professional with 20 years of enterpreneurship experience from dozens of e-payment projects under his belt. Svante is the founder of the 2.0 cryptocurrency FIMK in 2014 and the COB of the nonprofit Krypto Fin ry association.

Dennis de Klerk

The lead developer of HEAT - genius system designer, passionate full stack programmer since 1999. Dennis has implemented large scale cryptocurrency projects from start to finish since 2013. Creator of the FIMK cryptocurrency, has implemented multiple NXT clients and protocol improvements.

Tech Developer

We're hiring both remote and local technical staff to our team for various development tasks. Do you have what it takes? Contact us and tell us what you can do!

HEAT works with online representatives in various countries and areas for local promotion. If you're interested in working together, please contact us at info[at] and tell us what you can offer.

Money & Fintech, Helsinki May 16-17 2017
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HEAT will carry its own decentralized crypto exchange within the system itself.
Additionally the HEAT token will be traded on multiple online crypto exchanges:

HEAT Wallet Asset Exchange (direct)
(more to come)

Heat Ledger Ltd has multiple positions open for part-time, online, and full time work. Please message us suggestions about what you could do for us.

Example use cases for HEAT Ledger's Distributed Services Acrhitecture

1. Oracle service
An oracle writes a (foreign) fact to the blockchain. Through the oracle it becomes possible to create a transaction on the HEAT blockchain that does not execute until an event outside the HEAT blockchain has happened. The best example of using an oracle is probably if Bob sends Alice HEAT tokens but the transaction will not execute before the oracle service writes the transaction details of Alice about her BTC payment to Bob.

2. Escrow service
Request a new escrow, both parties send money to the escrow. Escrow will not release before both parties agree. Could be combined with oracle service where escrow releases funds based on an oracle saying the requirements are met, as in previous example.

3. Time based secret reveal service
Based on certain date or time, transaction on the HEAT blockchain or some other real world event coming from an oracle this service releases some secret, or decrypts encrypted data you gave it in advance.

4. Co-signer service
For use with multi-sig transactions on BTC/ETH/HEAT/etc. The user of this service will use the service provider public key as a required co-signer of a multi signature transaction. When the requirement is met the service provider will add his signature to the multi-sig transaction which will then execute.

5. Gateway trade bot service
With a gateway bot service you can buy/sell cryptocurrency on an exchange. An example of such a service is where users can send ETH to the service ETH address. When received the service will immediately sell the ETH for BTC and transfer the real BTC to the seller.

6. Seller of Digital Goods
If you sell digital goods on the internet (music or video files for instance) you could create a service where upon payment you either return a link to download the digital product or you could return a cryptographic key for the buyer to unlock the digital product.


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